One of the signification evolutions of World Wide Web in internet space is the technology on Search Engine Optimization. After the internet wave swept the population on the earth, people always want to be hooked to the internet and get more data for the content that they are looking for. There is no doubt that search engine optimization will be one of the powerful marketing channel for a mass reach.

The search engines that rank these pages frequently update their algorithm of ranking and hence it becomes imperative for the websites to do a content revision at a periodic interval so that the ranking level is not lost.The initial stages of search engine started with ranking of sites high that are long and fluffed with keywords for the information sought for.

People focused on padding their content with fluffy words because long content based tactic was considered the criteria for better ranking. Search engine of latest times are focusing on valuable content namely the quality and not on the quantity of words written to convey the content. The relevance of the content to the quality presented in the search is taken as a measuring criterion by the search engines.

Some of the search engine optimization techniques include web content revision to focus on quality, link building in websites, local search redefinition to help perform location specific searching, enabling mobile compatibility, personalization and introducing performance boosters like page indexing, fixing broken links, web traffic and user monitoring.