Social media is becoming the buzz word in all business market channels. It is used to describe a web based platform, application or technology that enable people to socially interact with one another. With more and more advent of social media networking, information reaches to the people in unimaginable domains and unknown quarters. Social media optimization is the means to use the outlets that can generate publicity and advertisement of the products, increase awareness, service brand, event or meeting organization.

The difference between the search engine and social media optimization is that search engine defines the broad set of strategies to help improve search engine rankings and social media optimization is a part of search engine optimization because it uses the social media channel as a means to bring more people and awareness on the program that needs marketing. Viral publicity is becoming more contagious in the digital marketing world and social media is one of the widely used channels for having this broad reach.

In today’s world, wide categories of people from teens to senior citizens, from rich to poor class, from literates to illiterates, from boys to girls are subscribed to one or more social networking media. Using this channel to create an awareness on the product is a win-win for the business. A few popular social networking sites that deserves a mention are Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Twitter, Digg, Blogs which does greater word-of-mouth advertising on the products and ideas.

Some of the social media optimization techniques include introduction of hashtags, RSS feeds, introduction of captivating images, posting the idea sufficiently in advance of time so that people are given enough time to plan, repeatedly post the idea by selecting the appropriate frequency for better reach.